I will give you 72 hours from the date you receive my letter , that will come to you certified mail, with a return receipt to me. It seems many people are very dissatisfied with the way you web site operates. I thought I would be paying a monthly fee and when I submitted I got charged the full amount for the period I signed up for. Very deceptive format and service! Strong online dating photos have these three qualities in common:

His yahoo sign on is IncredibleJohnny. The worst experience ever!!! I had a premium membership in Match for several years and was generally not impressed with their introduction service.

As I kept reviewing the profiles and messages, everything looked the same and as if it was written by the same person or just a few things were changed, they all looked the same. They actually came to my home. Loyalty and protectiveness both go hand in hand with being family oriented, so mention Sunday dinners with your parents, or taking taking your nephew to the ball game. You have no background or anything on them. I have gotten rid of many of my possessions to "live" with this person. Thank you so much match. Good luck finding any real accounts on there. As far as pictures, make sure you have a variety. Im still a member on the sites til may 9 and why my subscription tonight still come out on that current membership. I am a woman looking for a manMy profile is wrong please fix. A few days before my membership expiration, I advised my contact that my membership would soon expire and if she wished to continue our messaging, she should email me at my personal email address which I provided. If they've been on POF for 6 years you think they Would realise they're overvaluing themselves but no they're so stupid they'll be on here in another 6 years still single. A lady from my bank suggested that I should use one credit card for smaller daytona beach speed dating and another for major purchases. Now I hit the wrong button on my computer and am now receiving your emails. My investment funds I'll have access to my funds once I'm back in town. I will wait to hear from you and if I have to go through fb that aint a problem but webcam option quicker opition on match. Fake men, women with their body parts hanging out!!! My profile has been stolen by another person, she has changed my profile to match her information, She now is using my name on a Profile with my real name and her picture on it. To say you lie is an understatement. On day one they billed me the full 8 month membership when I only wanted a 30 paid membership. Today POF is available in nine languages for over 10 million active users. Get ready for a lot of thinkin'. The men posing as single and successful are actually married and financially broke. I plan on dropping membership. I wanted to share this info to help and protect people online looking for true love. I can return a car!! You are an exciting, interesting guy that can offer her the kind of lifestyle she has been dreaming about. If I wanted to sign up for 6 months I would have, but the site is a complete letdown and I want my money back that you took without my consent. Worked with one of your customer rep today his name is Louis 28 September I reported literally s of these women to POF customer service department for a month now and absolutely no action has been taken nor any response from POF customer service, pof dating site customer service number. I would like to know where to go report a scam, by another person on site. Few days ago, I sent an E-mail to a man I saw in the list and like it. Someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against this company for displaying should a non smoker dating a smoker profiles with the intention of fooling people into thinking there are a lot of members available. On top of that, guess what? I would never recommend this site to anyone.

Plenty of Fish POF has been one of the most popular dating sites so far. POF claims that it has more than million registered user. Many people have found their perfect match and are so grateful to the website. If you have already found your perfect match or you are too annoyed with all these dating things, and you want to delete POF account permanently, we are here to help you.

Before thinking of deleting POF account, you got to know that there is the difference between deactivating POF account and deleting it permanently. Consider once that, temporary deactivating POF account might help you. The benefit of temporary deactivating your POF account is that all the data of your account will not be deleted; in case you want to come back to POF after a while.

If you are sure you want to get rid of POF permanently, then follow:. Sometimes even after following the procedure as mentioned above, your account will not be deleted. Well, in that case, there is nothing you can do except sending mail, making a humble request to delete your account, to customer care service of POF via mailing id csr pof.

So think it through before deactivating permanently. If you want a temporary break from POF then hiding your account could be the better option for you.

To hide your profile from others follow these simple steps:. When you hide your account, others will not see your profile or image in the search result so that no for dating app will be able to contact you through this platform. You can return to POF whenever you prefer. All you have to do is login POF account with your existing username and password.

Note that you must enter the same email address you used to register POF account, and do not forget to check Junk folder. After resetting the password, try to delete Pof account with steps mentioned above. No one can completely delete your POF account than you. Hope it helps you.

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Tried the 1 month trial. Actually the process was tiring. A very unpleasant experience with this site. I am definitely pissed off!!!!!! You should ideally be the center of attention in any photo you use. The harsh artificial light highlights your flaws and casts harsh shadows on your face, neither of which is attractive. It has been the best 2years. I am not satisfied with it. They need to get control over all the spam. However, that quickly faded away. POF has the ability to block the IP addresses of the offenders, but they choose not to. Do you check their ID with bank or visa records, pof dating site customer service number. I am afraid that I am dealing with an identity theft or other fishy illegal issues. I am in Canada and I have come across another lady who was scammed by the same guy. That is not true. You read that correctly… messages! First, a few ground rules: I think most of these post are hoaxes. Online dating has potential, but the result that you get largely depends on how you approach it and how you handle the entire process. They have know idea how to treat a good man, They should stick to batties!!! My account was hacked, photos stolen and used on another account that was fake. This website has become a porn,prostitute website and I am totally turned off by this. Get answers from the POF staff and other customers. And both say age is just a no. The photo is there one hour and the the next hour it is gone. Plain Janes cant be picky unless they are on POF The majority of women are either teachers who have no social life, people with low intelligence and the IQ of a slug or women that say that they are independent and cant understand why are 34 they haven't got a man! This is how I know there are way too many men on this site otherwise how could they get away with being so rude and nasty to a potential partner? I cant read peoples profile. Please Sirs, I ask to hear by email from your representative, as no one unswers the phones, I hope this email will come to the right person, Happy New Year to all. Some of us are really serious about finding that special someone and it's unfortunate that we have to weed through so many fake, immature men who claim they want a relationship, but are only interested in attention and game playing. I have sent a message to women you say will be active in 3 days, well I waited 3 days and the woman you say was to be activated was still waiting 3 days. I have gotten rid of many of my possessions to "live" with this person. Shame on you Match.